About Us

Heart of Arkansas United Way fights for the education, financial stability, and health
of every person in our community. 

United Way unites those who can help with those who need help. United Way unites individuals who care, corporations who care, and other funders who care – bringing together their resources to make a greater impact than any of them could make alone. United Way unites agencies and programs to address challenges that no one agency can solve alone – challenges like limited access to health services. Children who start school without the skills necessary to succeed. Families who can’t afford to put food on their tables. 

We are more than just fundraisers. We are leaders, partners, and problem solvers. We surround our community’s most critical problems, and we fight. With our partners — including more than 350 local businesses and countless individuals and families — we’re offering hope and help where it’s needed the most.

Diversity and Inclusion

For one hundred years, Heart of Arkansas United Way has believed that a community can only succeed when we are united, and that every individual receives equal opportunity to pursue their dreams and maintain their livelihood.

We are committed to inclusion across all dimensions including race, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, physical or mental abilities. This enables us to address our communities’ most pressing needs effectively and authentically.


2021 United Way Membership Requirements Completed      Guidestar Platinum 2022