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Financial Stability

Long-term solutions to homelessness begin with prevention.

United Way funds innovative programming to give families the support they need. A funding partnership of Heart of Arkansas United Way, the Siemer Institute, and Our House, the Central Arkansas Family Stability Institute empowers the near-homeless to avoid homelessness, find and keep work, and support their families. In 2016, CAFSI served 159 families. CAFSI empowers clients to reach four key goals: Increase employment stability, Increase housing stability, Keep children in the same school of origin, and Create savings. Clients and case managers work together to develop strategies to reach those goals. After 12 months in the program, 97% of client families avoided homelessness, 88% of adults obtained full-time employment, and household incomes increased by an average of 74%. 

Why We Invest


How WE Invest

The Community Investment Fund supports a variety of local programs that improve the financial stability of our neighbors. This year 200 people moved from homeless shelters into transitional housing, empowering them to build their resources and achieve financial stability. Thousands of people received emergency financial resources for housing, utilities, food and medication.